Actually, it wasn't actually called the "Moonwalk" until Michael Jackson came along. (It seems the "Moonwalk" was a different dance, but MJ's label stuck.) Point is, if you can do this, you got moves. See here for instructions and inspiration.

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Authored on 06.21.09 at 09:12 by Oliver.


User Date & Time
amy chase 21:37 06/22/2009
warrior 08:27 06/25/2009
ssattin 09:03 06/26/2009
meanyc 16:09 06/26/2009
Butwhatifido 21:49 06/27/2009
bene 19:55 07/02/2009
sandyliz 10:09 07/15/2009
Lela 10:24 07/17/2009
gotigers2003 15:14 07/19/2009
lizmeister321 22:52 07/21/2009
erikka 08:59 07/27/2009
pittami 21:14 08/09/2009
twinklefee 22:20 08/09/2009
sassletics82 22:45 08/19/2009
Eis4Emily 14:13 08/27/2009
mindyse 13:02 09/02/2009
sneathd 16:08 09/04/2009
killercadoogan 10:18 09/06/2009
spindig 17:15 09/06/2009
Oliver 15:17 09/07/2009
princessmichelle 18:09 09/07/2009
CJ 19:08 09/07/2009
runningrudy 20:35 09/07/2009
Fraidy 21:29 09/07/2009
Mr. Mohawk 09:27 09/08/2009
chessqueen84 22:35 10/03/2009
femlafrog 12:54 11/11/2009

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my first feat -- picked one i could complete in a few minutes before the stroke of midnight. tried it in 3 diff pairs of shoes. surprisingly clogs worked the best.
does this count as a work out? probably not.:(

amy chase's picture

I love Michael Jackson, and to watch that video made me just want to get up and OOOOOO.. So I rocked the moonwalk at work. I have tried it before because I love to dance, but I actually did it in the waiting area in my office with Chanclettas on. " sandals in spanish" wooooo!..

warrior's picture

Completed this near the beginning of the challenge. RIP to the King of Pop. What amazing music you made for us to moonwalk to. Off the Wall - best disco album ever.

meanyc's picture

RIP MJ. I had to do this one this weekend. The last time I rocked the moonwalk was at a 6th grade dance party - with MJ blaring - like he is tonight in my house.

Butwhatifido's picture

Oddly, learned the moonwalk in my office, from our Technical Support manager. After much pleading and promising not to use this against him, he finally showed me the steps and told me the trick. I have officially gained his seal of approval, and will practice in order to gain everyone here's.

sandyliz's picture

what's the trick??

ssattin's picture

Bend knee that is not moving, put all your weight on it, move other leg only enough to go from flat to bent knee, then continue.

Now practice practice practice! and wear one glove if it helps.

sandyliz's picture

It doesn't have to be good, right?

lizmeister321's picture
spindig's picture

in the hotel in Paraty on the great wooden floor while dancing to beat it

sassletics82's picture

I watched various "How to Moonwalk" videos on the internet and found a deserted landing with a stone floor at my office to practice. After a few tries I got it.

sneathd's picture

after many drinks at a wedding this weekend, the last of my 20 feats is complete!

runningrudy's picture

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