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My Social Workout Challenge Begins With A Spin Showdown

Today's free workout: Crunch, 83rd street, courtesy of the Social Workout/Crunch Get Schooled Challenge. I've been in NYC for a week, but finally, today, I felt as if I had returned. To be honest, my workouts up to this point had been sub-par. I was sluggish, I was lazy, and it showed in both the quality of my gymhops and in my energy levels. But not today. No, today I started Social Workout's Crunch Get Schooled Challenge, which dares reader/exercisers to work out 20 times, do 8 Crunch classes, and log 20 healthy meals, all in the next 28 days.


New York


Get Schooled! Free Crunch Passes And Your 28-Day Master Class in Living Well

Two important items of note. First, today kicks off the Crunch Get Schooled Challenge! What is it? A 28-day master class in living well, consisting of four key feats:

  1. 20 Workouts in 28 days
  2. No Judgements (meditation meets radical self-acceptance)
  3. 20 Healthy Meals in 28 Day
  4. Group Fitness Sampler (8 new classes in 28 days)

Track it all on Social Workout 2.0. We're handing out free two-week passes to help you get started. And one lucky challenge completer wins a free year-long Crunch membership! Second item of note, today's NYC Groupon is a month of Crunch for $39. Add that month to your two week pass, and you've got a supremely happy/healthy start to your fall. 

SoWo Crunch

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Question: I can't log in to the 2.0 with my 1.0 username (which is ..." More comments...


Love my gym already!

Anyone else go to the Park Slope Crunch? So glad I didn't put off joining until the fall. Being at the gym just makes me happy. :)

Walked there today (about a mile and a half) and then spent 30 minutes on the elliptical, catching up on my news, and 15 minutes doing shoulders with free weights and stretching. Left feeling super about my Sunday. 

Workout Date: 
Sun, 05/30/2010 (All day)

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I go there occasionally.

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Crunch Open House and Barbecue

Unpaid Public Service Announcement: Crunch is hosting an all day barbecue and open house tomorrow. This means that you and all your friends, members and non-members, can go work out at any Crunch, and then eat "healthy barbecue treats" together. (Check here for deets.) Give the Crunchies credit for being unexpected and generous. Or possibly desperate. Regardless, not a bad day to saunter into your local Crunch.

Crunch Meatheads!

Poet Laureate

The High Cost of Fitness

When I left Crunch for a low-cost New York City Parks and Rec. gym I was told by one of their reps, somewhat maniacally, I’d be getting exactly what I paid for…which, at 75 bucks a year for gym access across New York sounded pretty frickin’ sweet. At Crunch, I was paying over a thousand dollars a year to lift weights, take the occasional yoga class, and, in a villainous method of mixed messages, watch The Biggest Loser or The Food Network while on the treadmill. I haven’t joined the New York gym yet, but I have looked into other gyms, and I'm seriously riled by the complete and total absence of pricing info available for chain gyms. Here's why I find it so irritating: 

Flushing Meadows Pool (via <a href=""></a>)

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I don't know the amount of money Barton takes from trainers, but ..." More comments...


Of Civilization and Spin Bike Thieves

At Crunch Fitness, you have to sign up in advance for the classes you want to take. The good part about this policy is that you are guaranteed a spot. The bad part about this policy is that you are not guaranteed a spot.

Yeah, you read that correctly. Apparently, signing up for a spin class does NOT mean you'll be sweating up a storm in your favorite spin class, thanks to the awesome people who sneak into the classes, even when they're full!

It was a Sunday spin class, so I knew it would be popular. I got to Crunch 20 minutes early, on purpose, and put my name on the list. Then I stepped out to pick up a few last minute dinner items at Whole Foods around the corner. Not smart. Sunday, at Whole Foods? I should have known the line would be out the door.

sign up sheet

New York

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Buns of Steal

Humbled but Beaming at Crunch

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I was a gymnast. I wasn't great, but I was good (a "Level 8" out of 10). Still, I dreaded the balance beam. Two-and-half inches for flipping and pirouetting is viable only for uber-tiny, uber-fit, uber-muscular munchkins. The typical Level 8 beam routine looks something like this. I haven't missed it for a second, and yet last week, for the first time in 15 years, I stepped on to a beam of sorts. 

Turns out Crunch has a class called Beaming™, which features soft, friendly, doublewide beams which sit safely on the ground. The class is meant to improve your balance and alignment, and to work your core. (Naturally, they claim it will also "change your life.")

The Beam (Via <a href="">Rick McCharles</a>.)

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Buns of Steal

Boing! Kangoo, I'm a Human Kangaroo

Today's free workout: Crunch Fitness, Union Square with a 2-week free pass courtesy of killercadoogan. Ok, seriously, Crunch? Ropes, I get. Poles, I can deal with. But making me bounce around, wearing evil ski boots strapped to pogo balls, like a drunk kangaroo, in front of a mohawked instructor who has excitement tatooed onto his face, for an hour? Really, Crunch? Really? Sigh... But boing I did. And honestly, I kinda liked it...except for the giant gashes the boots left on my legs.

Kangoo Boots (via <a href="">kangoojumps</a>)

New York

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ouch! when i took the class i didn't know i needed long socks and ..." More comments...


Fraidy Dreams of Trapeze and Loves Her Lululemon Sports Bra

Every day, we give you a snapshot of one fellow striver in fitness. We ask personal questions, he or she boldly answers. Today's snapshot: Fraidy.

  • What's your number one workout spot? Crunch. It's the first gym I ever joined. I used to spend a lot of time at the 59th St location until I ran out of money and couldn't afford my trainer anymore. Now I hang out at Union Square. 
  • What are you just never going to try? My mom once went to a doctor who put metal balls behind her ears and every few hours she would have to roll them. It was supposed to make her lose weight. I was young and don't remember if it actually worked but I would never, ever try that. I have memories of us sitting in traffic and she's rolling them. Also, any of those cleanse diets. I like food too much. 

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Funny, my uncle lost lots of weight w/ those little ballies - I ..." More comments...

On Quitting Crunch... or, Not?

I have to say, I thought the horror stories of quitting a gym were all going to be very true and very dangerous to my pocket book. Talks of recurring fees, impossible cancellations... even with killercadoogan holding my hand, I was expecting some sort of pain.



Fraidy said "

I was also told I would get a free month for signing a friend up. ..." More comments...

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