New York Companies Use Social Media and Corporate Rivalry to Lose Weight

Move over corporate softball league! New York City companies are using Social Workout to boost corporate wellness in the first-ever public, inter-company, virtual fitness challenge.


Marketing Triumphs

Lebron's Workout Playlist

Straight from the Equinox Battlestar via panting press release: Lebron James's workout playlist! That's right, Equi got Lebron (or Lebron's handlers) to create a workout playlist just for them, and the proper way to listen to said playlist turns out to be while wearing Dr. Dre's trademarked over-the-ear headphones, "Beats by Dr. Dre." Mad props to the Equinox marketing axis for opportunistic deal making, (despite any obvious sign of real hip hop street cred around the club.) They're on a roll over there. This is the same marketing department whose latest billboard campaign puts David Barton to shame: Half naked models in bed wearing stilettos and fondling a Polaroid cameras. "What are they thinking?" asked one appalled Equi yoga teacher to an SW operative. "They're dishing out cheeseburgers, and I'm serving up filet mignon. But I want a raise, so I'm not going to say anything." Ah, capitalism. So, right, click through Lebron's playlist.... 

Lebron's Phones! (Via <a href="http://bit.ly/gmGPuT">Greasy Guide</a>.)

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Buns of Steal

Revenge is Sweat-y!

It's all tied up! Equinox: 1. Buns of Steal 1. 

Loyal B.O.S. readers will recall that I was once kicked out of Equinox when the authorities caught me shamelessly sampling a Columbus Circle location after I had already used a guest pass at 96th street. That was back when the media was all over me, and, needless to say, the haters ate it up. This didn't bother so much, as I basked in all the additional blog traffic. But I did think my days at Equinox were over. That was, until my friend R. showed up....


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In my five day trial at EQ in SF last May, i tried it twice (and it ..." More comments...


abs and zumba with the beautiful and lovely Edmée

so today is the last day that i can use my month's pass at Equinox,  and i wanted to check out urban rebounding, but I need to rest this foot for Monday's intenSati finale class for the challenge, esp after dancing on Fri nite and zumba on Saturday with Edmée...I probably need another shot of cortisone...

Where (gym, studio, etc.): : 
Workout Date: 
Sat, 07/31/2010 (All day)

Deal Alert

Cheapquinox, Wanderlust, and DivaDance

Deals you ought to know about:

  • Today's NYC Groupon: a four-session package of either DivaHip Hop or DivaStrip dance classes at DivaDance Company for $32. 
  • Meanwhile, over at Gilt Group, they're giving away a free trip to Wanderlust 2011. (Wanderlust 2010 kicks off tomorrow! Still time for you to get on a plane to Tahoe!) 
  • And if you've already double-dipped on Equinox free passes but still need an affordable fix, consider Cheapquinox. Equinox is starting a new $20/month chain called Blink. First one opens this fall on Lafayette and East 4th. 
The New Blink (via blinkfitness.com)

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Equinox Goes International

Next time you're in London, you may not have to settle for bizarro British gym classes. Equinox is going public with plans to expand internationally, which means you can have your familiar even-if-snobby gym experience all the way from Europe to Asia. Equinox's tentative goal: 40 locations outside the U.S. in the next five years.

(via Equinox.com)


Who Has a Right to that Empty Dance Studio?

9 P.M., and the gym is moderately crowded. The stretching area full, but the machines only somewhat so. Jumping rope is tricky in an urban, multip-purpose gym. There is no particular place set aside for it. You can station yourself in front of the underutilized chest-pully apparatus, or the sonic vibrating platform machine, but you must be aware of passers by. Float too far into the path of foot traffic, and you're being selfish, and ostentatious. Drift too far back and your rope rope may get  suddenly and dangerously tangled. Across the way, the rows of bulky, expensive cardio machines — some sitting empty — face rows of flat screen TVs.  Humans crave stimulus, and so gyms engage in the gym equipment arms race. Jump ropers go homeless. Ah, fitness capitalism, but pay attention to the CrossFit backlash!) 

Tai Chi! (Via <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/rickyqi/4553037873/">Rickyqi</a>.)

New York

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Gym Crimes

Equinox Hates Me

I reserved a spin bike at the Equinox flagship, but never went. It was for a 7:45 P.M. "Ride in 45" class last night with one Steve Katzenstein. (Insert New York joke about famous Jewish spin instructors. "What? You call that adding tension?") Anyway, no doubt Katzenstein is Catholic — I wouldn't know as I was "stuck" at my desk. This proved to me for the millionth time that if you stay at work past 7:00 P.M., the ratio between productivity and inertia approaches zero. Right, so this morning an email comes in from the Equinox central servers: "Equinox Book a Bike Notification, Strike 1." That's the subject line. Holy shit! It's awful, and somehow exciting, and, weirdly, the only disappointing thing is how mild the punishment...

Equinox Hates Me

New York

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The Awesomeness of Massage

I always forget how pivotal massage is to a body that is worked out and exploited for all its muscular awesomeness.  This evening, I was treatedto a mini-massage sample at Equinox.  It was so good, I was practically in tears.  Her fingers seemd to reach little points so sensitive, they tickled.  My body was instantly relaxed....


New York

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City Offers Free Classes With Equinox Instructors

This week, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation relaunches "Shape Up NYC." The skinny on the program: The city foots the bill and Equinox teachers offer dozens of free classes a week at public locations in all five borough. You can take Feldenkreis on the Highline or Turbo Kick at the 54th Street Rec Center. Search the database of classes on the parks website to find one in your hood.

Shape Up NYC (via <a href="http://www.ny1.com/content/ny1_living/118827/city-expands-free-fitness-program">ny1</a>)

New York

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