The Social Workout community is in an epic battle with inertia. Join us.

Roughly every month, Social Workout produces a challenge. When you join up, you commit to achieving a certain number of "feats" of healthy living. Each challenge has its own feats, rules, and prizes, but they're all engineered to feed your body and calm your mind. We've found a little community and accountability go a long way.

Live Now: The Million Minute Month
Challenge Description Posts Members Join Link
The Million Minute Month

One million minutes of exercise. No tears.

19,249 7,119 Join
The Feralicious Challenge

Eat wild and exercise unplugged. Flee captivity.

3,424 355 Closed
The Love Challenge

Ten Days to Focus Body, Belly, Mind, and Soul on LOVE!

443 445 Closed
New Years Edition

Social Workout Challenge: New Years Edition 2010

4,127 706 Closed
Emergency Holiday Challenge

The challenge is over, long live the challenge!

1,729 416 Closed
Eat. Sweat. Blog.

10 Food Feats. 20 Workouts. Track it all!

2,668 963 Closed
Feats of Summer Challenge

The Definitive 2009 Summer Mind-Body Fitness Challenge

2,371 183 Closed
The Social Workout Challenge: May Edition

26 Days in May. No tears.

1,524 195 Closed
April Body of Work Challenge

The Body of Work Challenge

2,396 287 Closed

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