Yoga and Surfing Retreat to Panama

Yoga and Surfing in Panama

Only $1475

7 days/6 nights

January 23rd - 29th

with Heather Lilleston

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Harvest Yoga Retreat in the Catskills

  • Who: Our very own Aarona Pichinson
  • What: A long weekend of hiking, cold-plunges in waterfalls, soaks in the wood burning hot tub, two-a-day solar and lunar vinyasa flow classes, and a bonfire ceremony for the harvest full moon, with farm fresh meals throughout. 
  • Where: The Waterfall House in West Fulton, New York (the Catskills)
  • When: October 21 - 24, 2010

Waterfall House

New York


Four Days of Mayan Mysticism and Yoga in Mexico

  • Who: Bruce Bassock and Rita Trieger of Elemental Yoga Retreats
  • What: Four days on the beach in Mexico with daily yoga, including a restorative "aromayoga" session, meditation, a Mayan purifying ritual conducted by a local shaman, and "complimentary use of land/sea sports equipment" owned by the resort.
  • When: November 7 - 11, 2010
  • Where:Ceiba del Mar Beach & Spa Resort in Riviera Maya Cancun, Mexico 
Ceiba del Mar


Autumn Biking And Wine Tour In Italy

  • Who: DuVine Adventures with chef Josh Ziskin and wine director Jennifer Ziskin, co-owners of La Morra Ristorante in Boston
  • What: Five days of cycling through the hills, vineyards, and villages of Italy's Piedmont region, with gourmet Italian carb loading and regional wine pairings every evening. Roughly 15 - 30 miles of biking daily, with optional longer rides
  • When: October 4 - 9, 2010
  • Where: Trip begins in Alessandria, Italy and ends in Monforte, with hotel accommodations each night along the way
Piedmont (via


Mandy Ingber Luxury Yoga Weekend

  • Who: Mandy Ingber (aka Jennifer Aniston's yoga instructor) 
  • What: A restorative three-day/two-night yoga retreat weekend with three yoga sessions, smoothie breaks and afternoon spa treatments, plus a keepsake Lululemon yoga mat, and lunch and a Q&A session with Ingber 
  • When: September 10 – 12, 2010 
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Upstate Rock Climbing, Yoga, Hiking, And Kayaking Weekend Retreat

  • Who: Outdoor Bound Adventures, with a certified yoga instructor and a licensed trail guide with wilderness medical certification as guides for the weekend. 
  • What: Morning, evening, and midnight yoga sessions, hiking and rock climbing (with instruction for beginners), kayaking, cooking over a fire pit, and camping in tents on a private property right on the Hudson. All gear provided, except sleeping bags and yoga mats. 
  • Where: The Shawangunk Mountains, just north of NYC. Transportation provided from 73rd and Broadway
  • When: August 20-22, 2010; also available the weekend of October 8.
Gunks (via <a href="">outdoorbound</a>)

New York

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A Week Of Yoga And Dancing In Southern Italy

  • Who: Yoga instructor Greg Marzullo
  • What: Marzullo is a disciple of Shiva Rea and a student of bellydancing and "the sacred dances, rhythms, and songs of southern Italy," so in addition to yoga and hiking and beach lounging, the retreat also promises "ancient healing dances" and "shamanistic trance"
  • When: September 5-12, 2010
  • Where: Caprioli, near the National Park of Silento on the coast of southern Italy with accommodations at Baia del Silenzio
Palinuro (via <a href="">italyyogaretreats</a>)


The Eat Pray Love Retreat

Should buying the Eat, Pray, Love perfume, soundtrack, and clothing line not sate your desires for all things Elizabeth Gilbert/Julia Roberts, a number of resorts have put together Eat, Pray, Love retreat packages. Either roll your eyes or get really giddy right now. Here's one option:

  • Who: COMO Hotels and Resorts
  • What: Three nights in Bangkok eating at fine restaurants, attending cooking classes, and going to local markets (EAT). Four nights in Bhutan doing yoga, meditating, going on long walks, and worshiping at a local monastery, and getting massages (PRAY). Three nights in Bali, with visits to a healer and maps to the sets featured in the movie.
  • When: Available starting August 1, 2010
  • Where: Bangkok, Thailand; Uma Paro, Bhutan; Uma Ubud, Bali; accommodations at COMO resorts in each location
Bhutan (via <a href="">como</a>)


Lazy Days of Summer Vermont Yoga Retreat

  • Who: Yogamaya studio directors Stacey Brass and Bryn Chrisman
  • What: A long weekend of two-a-day yoga classes, chef-prepared meals made with local farm ingredients, and lots of nearby hikes and excursions.
  • Where: Plymouth Union, Vermont with accommodations at the Good Commons retreat center. 
  • When: August 27 - 30, 2010
Good Commons (via <a href="">yogamaya</a>)

New York


A Week Of Kundalini Yoga On A Greek Island

  • Who: Paxos Life Activities with instructor Barbara Lyndley
  • What: Early morning Kundalini yoga, meditation walks, early evening yoga and meditation, and the rest of the time free for relaxing amidst olive groves or on the beach. 
  • Where: Paxos, Greece, with accommodations at local villas.
  • When: September 27 - October 4, 2010
Paxos (via <a href="">paxoslife</a>)

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