Progress Reports

Progress Reports

Holidayasana Week Two and Big Deals on BluePrintCleanse

It's Day 6 of our Holidayasana challenge, and just about 300 yogis have logged 396 hours of yoga, 718 healthy meals, 70 hours of volunteering, and collectively avoided thousands of disposable plastic bags. All that good work will not go unrewarded! Today we add another free trial class to your virtual gift bag, as well a special deal from our generous sponsor BluePrintCleanse. Read on for the details, and some helpful challenge hints. Also, not to worry if you haven't joined the challenge or started logging your activity yet. There's still time. Come along!

Holidayasana Day Six!

Progress Reports

One Million: The Post Game Show

We started on Tax Day, and we thought it would be over before Memorial Day. In fact, it didn't take one month, it took four. But finally, last night around 8 P.M., Social Workout General Hero msh258 put us across the one million line.

Eight hundred and fifteen souls joined our strange journey, and 200 of those actually "mlogged" more than one thousand minutes. (Click through for full size graph.) Our stats team is just now digging into the numbers, and we'll be churning out the analytics over the next few days, and officially awarding prizes. But a few immediate highlights before the major networks steal our thunder.....

After a riveting duel for first place, it looks like bwaytapper, with an astounding 30,355 minutes, edged out michlny by a mere 824 minutes to claim Top Mlogger honors. Given how high their minute totals are, however, and how narrow the difference, it's clear that both deserve extended bodywork sessions. Together, these two accounted for fully 6% of all minutes mlogged. (Don't be surprised if michlny loyalists call for a recount, and this thing moves to litigation.)

The results are also in on our Final Sprint Bonus Program. Please recall that we implemented a special prize for that challenger who managed from 900,000 minutes to 1,000,000 to most increase their daily average. Our FSBP winner is the amazing Llaves! And here are our top six challengers whose final kick brought the crowds to their feet:

Much more to come, including an official awards ceremony, news on the Million Minute Month Victory Bash, and a formal invitation to a light, palette-clearing late summer follow up to the MMM..... 

One Thousand Minutes or More!

chococat said "

so hard to get motivated for this challenge and then when i finally ..." More comments...

Oliver said "

We're now at 99.9%!

" More comments...

Progress Reports

Starting the Countdown!

Million Minute Month Day 119: 986,670 minutes, and counting....

MMM Day 119

Progress Reports

Misty Eyes and Week 17

Mloggers, we are 97.5% of the way to one million. Above, please see our leaders who, however you slice it, are some very active cats. I'm filled with gratitude and awe at everyone's perseverance around the MMM — and also at the prospect of actually achieving our nutty goal after 100-and-something days. Like my throat gets a little tight. You people rock. So, we're almost there, and rest assured we're working away on a suitable celebration, and on the Future. Things have been quiet on the blog of late, you may have noticed, not because we're phoning it in from Rio, but because we're responding to the first wave of everyone's feedback on SW2.0, and lining up some sweaty, fall action. But all that's still ahead of us. Now is the time for the final MMM surge. If you've been dozing off for the last 117 days, take this as a wake up call. Let's make our final minutes count. One million or bust!

Top Mloggers - Day 117

joesgirl said "

Point taken, killer.  I couldn't do what I did this weekend ..." More comments...

Progress Reports

932,804 and Final Sprint Bonus Program Update

Un-freaking-believable: There is light at the end of the Million Minute tunnel. Coud it be much more than a short week or so before the Big Million? Our scribes and statisticians are crunching the ETA projections, (as well as our latest leaderboard); but, people, here's the big picture: If you've made it this far, now is the time to let the smile out. And to kick it on home. See above for display of those that have picked up their pace since we began our Final Sprint Bonus program. Big round of snaps for Llaves, and one observation for everyone else: A mere five minute improvement in your daily average makes you a contender for the FSBP prize. It will also make you feel like a champ at the MMM victory bash, AND provide momentum for what. comes. next....

 MMM Day 110 Biggest Gainers!

Fraidy said "

Five extra minutes would be nice, but my daily average is 138 ..." More comments...

Kaitlyn said "

Woops! Distracted IPhone update....i put my 150 in thewrong spot. ..." More comments...

Progress Reports

900,000 in Sight and the Final Sprint Bonus Program

One hundred and four days ago we began this journey. Please observe our progress on the graph above. Note that we are now nuzzling up to 900,000 minutes, and feel, deep in your bones, the inexorable momemtum of our trajectory. The Final Sprint is upon us!

Yes, you're just turning a long bend, and there in the distance is the fluttering banner of the finish line. Marching bands are tuning up around it, and fans have started to gather. There are picnic tables, and glittering swimming holes, and the smell of bar-b-ques in the air (naturally with raw, vegan alternatives)..... It's been a long trip, and perhaps you are groggy. Well, if so, now is the time when your head starts to clear. To help that process, we bring you the Final Sprint Bonus Program. We aim to finish strong, and should you care to participate, you will be in the running to win a full gear and wardrobe makeover at Jack Rabbit Sports, one of our nation's top sporting goods outlets. Phat!

Million Minute Month Day 104

msh258 said "

same here, michlny. kinda sad...

" More comments...

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