"Your body knows how to do it, you just have to build the strength."

First official aerial silks class today and I didn't officially suck! I mean, I kind of sucked, but I didn't suck as much as I thought I would. I took my first class at Helium Aerial Dance with Heather Hammond. Sass was supposed to come with me, but she had to catch a bus. I was such a Grown Ass Woman -  I went all by myself and I didn't throw up and I didn't cry.

There were four girls in the class and we were all beginners, which was fantastic because Heather really broke down everything for us. We started with a warmup of burpees (groan) and moved onto conditioning: shoulder, arm and straddle stretches, holding a pike for one minute, Portal to Another World with bent and straight legs, assisted pullups while lying on the floor holding rings (so circus!), side planks and these weird crunches where you hug a bench and bring your knees to your chest. There, I just gave you a complete aerial conditioning routine. You're welcome.

Next we moved onto breaking down the three components of climbing the silks: wrap and stand, shoulder shrugs (use your lats not your shoulders), and bent knee leg raises. We tried each individually, and then we each got a chance to climb. The other girls in the class were all under 18, I'm guessing, because their mothers were watching. Of course they all hop up on the silks like "La dee da I'm just going to throw all 90 pounds of me up here, do it every day, you know . . .  ." Meanwhile, I grab the silk and grunt from 5 inches off the ground. There is a lot of von Hottness to hoist, people! It is hard! Then I fell in love with Heather because she said, "Your body knows how to do it, you just have to build the strength." Sigh, melt, I think I can, I think I can!

Heather tied a knot in the silks so we could practice inversions. First we did a straddle inversion (kind of like this). You lose all sense of your body when you're hanging upside down. I couldn't tell if my legs were in my arm sockets or the difference between my toes and my ears. I don't think I could have even found my boobs if you asked me, and I always know where those are!

Then came my crowning moment. From an inverted straddle, we hooked one leg around the silks and then grabbed the other foot in a quad stretch. Yeah, I did this, except the silks were in a hammock postion.  So what if Heather had to pass me my foot? I was so pretty, I was so flexible, I was so Britney Spears.

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Me & my new BFF, the silks
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Fri, 08/27/2010 (All day)



you look amazing next to your silks!

CJ's picture

you are so pretty, so flexible, so fabulous, and so inspiring.

sandyliz's picture

yayyyy!!! this sounds awesome! I'm so excited to hear about your progress!

thefatbridesmaid's picture

Congrats!  So lovely!  It's all about the little victories. Your post made me laugh!

Saucyd's picture

Are these the people who told you the only way to learn aerial silks is by taking aerial silks classes? Because these pix look a lot like what you do in anti-gravity yoga wings® with the right instructor(s). Just sayin!

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@spindig - it turns out the class i went to is aerial conditioning - which is kind of like aerial silks for dummies. super beginner, super broken down. we did "climb" the rope, or at least i tried to. i'm under the impression that aerial yoga involves more a of a fabric hammock. this was two pieces of silk tied together sometimes to make a hammock.

vonhottie's picture

Now you have to check it out to tell us the difference! Yoga Wings is probably a poly-blend, but if feels like silk! Need to check out the Challenge. Maybe I can try to do yoga wings, shadow-like, in SF. Advantage of the Crunch classes: no noticeable minors and definitely no moms on the sidelines. If they're there, they're doing it too. A friend posted a pic of her kid on FB a few weeks ago in exactly the pose you described. Power to you.

spindig's picture

AWESOME! Go, VonHottie, Go!

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Von Hottie~

So honored to have witnessed your inaugural Silks Road Class!  You did great, and will continue to gain strength and skills from class to class. Looking forward to seeing the progress! You go, girl!


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