I saw muscles!

As I was warming up in spin I caught a glimpse of something via a strange multi-mirror reflection and was like, "O Dang, look at those triceps." But then I realized it was ME! Ha! I'm smart. Also, I was leaning forward on the bike so was extra triceppy but still, it felt awesome! I kept looking until the instructor turned the lights off. Does that make me vain? I don't think so.

Then the douchenozzle next to me in class kept CHECKING HIS BLACKBERRY (in spin class. How is this even physically possible!?!?!) throughout class and totally ruined my happy triceps-viewing spin class-almost-barfiness high.

Workout Date: 
Wed, 08/18/2010 (All day)


hilarious! triceps checking not vain, or at least not vain in a bad way. vain in a good way.

Oliver's picture

Not to mention, triceps are damn hard to build up and actually see!!

michlny's picture

It's true! Which would explain why this sighting proved to be so elusive and thus surprising. If only I could walk around in the same leaning-forward-on-bike-handlebars flexing position. That would be awesome.

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