Waiting impatiently for Ditch Day.

Yesterday I went to a P57 intermediate class with Tanya for the first time in months, then I went and ran 3 miles afterwards since I really wanted to get in some cardio. I love Tanya, she teachs such a GREAT class and it is always so challenging. I felt good getting through it and still being able to run afterwards! Later that night I realized just how sore I was, so today, I took off so I would be all rested up for tomorrows awesome adventure.....

I can't wait for Ditch Day!



Where (gym, studio, etc.): : 
Classes Taken: 
Workout Date: 
Mon, 08/16/2010 (All day)


Um, I'm sure I missed something: What is Ditch Day?

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Ditch day was a kick-ass, rip-roaring day of spin, yoga and hanging by the pool in Sag Harbor put together by Lululemon and Flywheel. It was awesome.

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