Maybe I just don't like yoga

Or maybe I'm over Yoga to the People. Or maybe I've just had a bad couple of workouts. But something just wasn't clicking today and didn't really click last week. I wasn't so into the instructor- she had what I will from now on call "yoga voice" and was difficult to hear. I found some flows were awkwardly long and others awkwardly fast. I'm really frustrated that I can't seem to do anything right- like even simple things like putting weight in my fingers instead of my wrists. And I keep finding that my mind wanders to things like babies, ice cream, and how weirdly shaped my feet are (I have CRAZY high arches) instead of anything productive.

Now again maybe this is just getting back into yoga and maybe I'm spoiled by Yoga Vida and just need to suck it up and pay for classes. I'll see if going back to my girl Hillaria helps the situation. Otherwise, maybe I just have to admit that it's ok that I'm never going to be good at yoga. I still should go. Right?

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Sun, 08/08/2010 (All day)


you just didn't gel with the instructor you had which makes the practice way more frustrating. you are not bad at yoga! oohhh date. =]

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