The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

The Good:  32 minutes of Wii Fit.  That means I reached my goal for that category.  YES!!  11 minutes of Hula Hoop (because its fun and I think it works my obliques), 16 minutes of "step aerobics" (more on that later), and 5 minutes of downhill skiing (yes, that actually does work my quads, believe it or not). 

The Bad:  My run was God Awful.  I went to the gym all excited too.  But after 8 minutes of running I got a nasty cramp in my side and had to walk.  I walked for a good long while, at a decent speed and adding a decent elevation.  Then I tried running again, and that was a no go, so I had to call it quits after 3 miles and 37:18.  So not as good as I can really do.  Blah.

The Funny:  On the Wii Fit the "Advanced" step aerobics is a 4 minute little routine.  The first time through absolutely did not feel like a work out at all.  I was tempted to not even count the minutes it was so low activity.  So then I got to thinking, maybe I could add weights to it.  Well I couldn't find my hand weights, so I went to the kitchen to get a couple cans of soup.  No soup.  Tuna fish cans?  No, not heavy enough.  Hmmmm, what to use?  I know!!  WINE BOTTLES!!!!  Nope not kidding.  I did 3 more rounds of step aerobics holding an unopened bottle of wine in each hand and incorporating bicep curls and shoulder presses with the steps.  I was very amused with myself, very proud of myself, and very glad my husband did not walk in at that particular moment because he probably would have questioned my sanity.  :-)

Workout Date: 
Wed, 08/04/2010 (All day)


Haha, that is hilarious! Although he shouldn't be questioning your sanity- he should be marveling at your ingenuity.

amyxualum's picture

I did wind up telling him the story and when I said I couldn't find the hand weights he said "oh no, did you become the MacGyver of wii fit?" I laughed, and said yes :-)

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