Blonde Moments in Fitness

Kaitlyn said if I made it to Marion's class at Ride the Zone every Tuesday I was in town for the rest of the summer, she would give me a big prize. So of course I was there, at exactly 9am, without the aid of Kaitlyn or Sass, thank you very much. Now for today's Blonde Moment in Fitness: A few weeks ago, I bought fancy spin shoes and I was so excited to try them out this morning. The class had just started when I arrived, but I couldn't figure out the buckle release thingy to get it on my foot. Total coordination meltdown. So I threw down the $3 to rent a pair of spin shoes rather than waste 10 minutes on the shoe, or worse, walk in barefoot, waving a spin shoe around, shrieking over Beyoncé, "Excuse me! Can anyone unbuckle my shoe?"

Once I got in the room. it was classic Marion magic. Marion hopped off her bike to set mine up (VIP treatment! Thanks Kaitlyn!).There was forearm sweat, Marion confessing that she had dreamt about Bono and me riding so hard my braid went totally perpendicular like Pippi Longstocking.  I find long slow climbs to be very spiritual. During today's climb, I got emotional. I hoped I could keep going, keep pedaling, keep moving forward, not give up.  All the drops of sweat plopping onto the floor became coins tossed into a wishing fountain. My body became a prayer.

Continuing on in Blonde Moments in Fitness, halfway through class,  I noticed my iced coffee had dripped all over my shirt. Then, after class, I thanked Marion and said, "Kaitlyn said I get prizes if I make it your class every week!" Marion smiled kindly and replied, "I know, sweetie." Then I couldn't think of anything to say because my girl crush on Marion was stuck in my throat. Agony. I can't buckle my shoe, I can't set up my bike, and Marion knows I need to be bribed to make it to her class*. Way to be Ride the Zone's Special Ed case, von Hottie. Face meet palm. Exeunt.

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Deceptive little suckers
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Tue, 07/20/2010 (All day)


1. I hate those shoes with the buckle.....the girls behind the desk know to only give me shoes with velcro because i'm too busy chatting to deal.
2. It's not a bribe; it's incentive(big difference!) Marion knows because I was bragging about your huge efforts and your love for RTZ. Don't sweat it-It's right up her alley. Be proud AND keep it up, tootsie!
3. You are a rock star for getting there on time by yourself!!! I had complete confidence in you. Rock on...

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2. you should have gotten my spin shoes! I know they are black...but they rock!


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As the victim of many Blonde Moments in Fitness myself, I salute you.  :)

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You are the cutest.

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I've started my spin experience there (after winning on SW) and I have to say I got the VIP treatment too.  They are so nice there.

I still have yet to try a class with Marion (need her to do the evening shift) but no matter, they've helped me love spin -- my SUMMER FEAT!!!

I rent shoes every week -- I have to buy a pair.  I LOVE the ones I rent there...maybe I should walk out w/ 'em... ;P I keeeeed....I keeeeeeeeeed............

<3 RTZ!

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adorbs! the new spin shoes are so pretty! i hope you figure out how to use them at rtz. maybe the clip you got is not the right one.

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You might have gotten the wrong type of shoes--there's SPD, eggbeaters, etc.... SPD are typically the type they have on spin bikes.

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I understood you need the LOOK - Delta at RTZ

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IT's ok, guys. Last night I spent about 10 minutes practicing getting my shoes on and off. We are good to go! I have conquered the spin shoe!

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