My title may no longer be valid, but the moniker will stay

So this weekend was the wedding. The wedding where just 7 months ago I tried on bridesmaids dresses and was almost 3 sizes larger than the next biggest bridesmaid...hence, my "thefatbridesmaid" title was born. Looking at a few pics from the weekend I realize that my title might no longer be relevant. I may be a bit bigger/smaller thna the other girls, but no longer a difference as before. Infact, most of us were pretty close in size. I've dropped almost 3 pant sizes since that point where I felt mortified in the group dressing room gushing over light pink gowns. I felt proud walking down my friends isle and standing infront of  her friends and family.  My hard work has paid off. I didnt feel self conscience in the dress (the color wasnt even as bad as i imagined, either!), I just enjoyed-and thats what the wedding is all about anyways.

But this a workout post, and workout I did. Let me just tell you I dont think I've danced that hard in.....well.... I can't remember. Take a fantastic band, add a great group of friends (some of whom havent seen each other in almost a year) other thrilled friends and family members and some champaigne toasts and you've got a ROCKIN dance floor. Its a good thing we took formal pics early on bc that professional makeup was barely there by the time i was done for the night.  My legs killed but I was happy, comfortable in my skin and surroundings, and thrilled to be a part of great celebrations. We were tearing it up. 

 So, I may not have ended up being thefatbridesmaid (and even if I was, it wasnt AS noticable as it once was...), and my bridesmaid duties are now over, but don't worry, SocialWorkout--I'm not going anywhere! The road doesn't stop here--I've stil got farther to push myself phsycially and I'm having fun gaining confidence again. Thanks for your support....:)

Workout Date: 
Sun, 07/18/2010 (All day)


Hooray!!! I love this post! Your work is really inspirational as are your results: confidence and comfort!

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and that - as they say - is what it is ALL ABOUT!  Congrats on 7 months of progress and on feeling beautiful and confident in your dress and for having a great time!  You are an inspiration

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Yay, you enjoyed!  That IS what it is all about!

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you better not go anywhere! congrats! awesome accomplishment!

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Time to change your moniker!! 

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yay!!! so awesome!

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This makes me smile so, so much. 

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aww thanks everyone :) change the moniker or not? part of me feels like I should keep it as a reminder of where I've come from and how far I've come, too...

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1. the moniker is a personal choice. you have always been more than thefatbridesmaid, and you always will be.

2.  (the color wasnt even as bad as i imagined, either!).  Really? I don't believe that for one second! that was champagne talking.

3. you are so inspirational.

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