changing it up without changing it much

Sadly, I haven't done any day rides during the MMM. My cycling minutes have mostly been commuter minutes except for a handful of spinning classes and a few 7ish minute stints on the rowing thing.

To avoid the falling-into-the-rut syndrome, in the last couple of weeks I've changed the way I bicycle. Same streets, different style. Inspired by the idea of feats and by three-speed bikes (and, to a lesser extent, fixies, which seem bound by the hipster ghettos of SoMa & the Mission, both of which coincidentally lack hills), I'm NOT spinning at the high cadence of the "seasoned cyclist." Instead I'm spending a lot of time in harder gears, out of the saddle to power up hills & to accelerate from a stop. More anaerobic than aerobic. I've always thought the faster cadence was better. Now I just think it's different – trying this new way makes everything feel new. It's a nice change of pace, a way to keep things fresh, a new way of experiencing the old beaten path, etc.

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Mon, 07/12/2010 (All day)

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