moving day

yesterday: moving day. nothing more to say about it other than it was as miserable as moves always are, it took me seventeen hours total, and I was so sore at the end that I was nearly delirious. I have no idea how many of those hours count as "workout hours" but I'm counting at least 12. I've never hauled so much heavy stuff or walked up so many stairs in my life. oof.

then I woke up this morning, five hours after going to bed, and ran a half-marathon race. my first one (as a race), with no real training. 2:20. the course was tough as shit.

Workout Date: 
Sat, 07/10/2010 (All day)

Tags: portland


holy CRAP batman! you MOVED and then RAN A HALF MARATHON???

You? Officially the chick I aspire to be. Rock. Star.


(I hope you're eating your weight in Chinese food as a reward. Because that's TOTALLY what I'd be doing.)


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