Mystery Packages and the Magical Powers of In-N-Out

I was on the fence about working out on Friday. It's been a long week, and I was so tired, and since I happen to have the weekend off I was trying to talk myself into lying around tonight because I'd be active this weekend.

Then the Husband called as I was walking into the builiding to tell me he had procured my two Double Doubles from In-N-Out. In-N-Out makes him a popular man. He always tells me stories about how people try to buy my burgers from him when he walks through LAX. The people at one particular In-N-Out have become familiar with this routine and tell him he's the best Husband ever (He is). Well, my Double Doubles got him an upgrade on his flight yesterday. He was going to check in his carry-on because the bag o' burgers qualifes as a second package, and the staffer at the gate not only told him he could sneak the package in, he upgraded the Husband to business class! In-N-Out is magic!

At the same time the Husband called, I found a package notice when I got my mail. From Fuel Belt in Vermont? I ran through the rounds of internet shopping I'd done recently (and this happens a lot) and couldn't figure it out. When I got to my apartment, I got off the phone and opened it up. I got a Sprint Palm Holder Water Bottle. I briefly wondered if CrossFit had somehow overnight shipped me this and the powdered Gatorade in the box for the Tuesday beginner class I signed up for with Fraidy and FatBottomSlim.

I was totally baffled, and thought about who might know I would use such a thing? Almost everyone I know is aware of my SW obsession. That narrowed nothing down. I requested Wednesday off to make sure I'm home for the Boston Half sign up, and my boss is a runner, but he wouldn't have sent it to me. Even if he had, he would have brought it to work instead of shipping it. The sleuthing was making my crazy, so I started to change my clothes and think about a snack when my mind drifted back to the In-N-Out en route to moi. I was thinking about those pretty red and yellow paper wrappers and my brain suddenly screamed out "You still have time to get to that class!"

See? Magic! In-N-Out used its magic to motivate my behind into a spin class. Which is probably a good thing. I am off this weekend, and as much as I'd like to think I will be working out all the time, when the Husband usually comes home we spend a day vegging together while he gets his body clock back on Eastern Time. And Sunday is the World Cup final. I will be lucky to workout once.

So off to Akin's 545 Ride I went. It's been a few weeks since I took his class, and he's every bit as peppy as I remember him being. There weren't any girls mooning over him in the front row this time, though. His ride was actually kinda tough, which I loved. Lots of tension from the beginning, and lots of jumps. He started walking around the room during this class, checking people's bikes and offering encouragement. I have mixed feeling about this. I like encouragement, it makes me want to try harder, I just don't know if I love having it face to face because I'm not sure what to say back while I'm sweating and panting. All in all, a good class though.

As soon as I got home, I Googled the Fuel Belt and tried to find an area in the customer service tab to research my mystery package. No such luck. I managed to make a burrito out of leftovers to hold me over until the Husband arrived with my Double Doubles. Further proof In-N-Out is magic? The lettuce was still crunchy! Mmmmm!

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Magic I tell you!
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Fri, 07/09/2010 (All day)


He carries burgers back in the suitcase? I have so many questions about this routine, and, even ignorant, (and even though it involves transporting beef and consuming jet fuel, and i'm still very much under the influence of Food, Inc.), I love it dearly.

Good luck with the Fuel Belt mystery (I can't help sadly), and very nice work with the Friday spin. You've inspired me to get my butt to a weekend edition of Marion at RTZ....

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You have a wonderful husband!  In-n-Out is the shizznit!

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@Oliver: If it makes you feel any better, the reason we'll never have an In-N-Out in NYC is their distribution and quality standards. All their stores are within a specific radius of their warehouses, so all their food can be delivered fresh daily. The company buys their beef directly from slaughterhouses that sign contracts prohibiting the use of downer cows. Then, their own staff of buchers inspects whole sides of chuck before they accept them, then bones, grinds and preps the meat. They also have some of the best employment practices in the state of California, if not the country. There is a reason Eric Schlosser gave them a hearty thumbs up. If you want to know more, In-N-Out Burger: A Behind-The-Counter Look At The Fast Food Chain That Breaks All The Rules was an amazing read.

The Husband may have to fly more than I'd like for work, but this is a nice perk..

@thatgirljj:  I am a lucky girl!

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<3 this!

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Oliver, I don't think you can hold this to the food distance standard, as the transport of the food doesn't involve any additional travel or extra fuel consumption.  If anything its a brilliant device to get the food needed with no added impact on the environment.

Also, I've never had In-N-Out.  Is it really that good, even after the transport?

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Now I love it AND I don't feel guilty. I didn't know that In-N-Out was so eco-friendly. That's cool.

Perhaps we can orchestrate a grassroots In-N-Out import campaign. Like the Berlin Airlift, but featuring burgers and working through complete strangers, perhaps on JetBlue.....

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@sandyliz: It is that good. Is it better when it's hot and fresh right off the griddle? Yes, but even cold this seriously destroys anything some fast food joint could heat under a lamp..

@Oliver: I say yes! I'm flying Virgin next week, and I'm trying to calculate the number of burgers I can fit into my carry on..

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@sandyliz: It is that good. Is it better when it's hot and fresh right off the griddle? Yes, but this serisouly destroys anything some fast food joint could heat under a lamp..

@Oliver: I say yes! I'm flying Virgin next week, and I'm trying to calculate the number of burgers I can fit into my carry on..

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