YTTP to the rescue

I was having one of those days. Generally every month right before the full moon I have one. Anger, frustration, general over-reactiveness to everything. The kind of roller coaster ride of emotions that requires me to warn my male officemate first thing and apologize in advance for anything that I say or do for the rest of the day...I needed an outlet for this negative energy BAD.

A friend and I had planned to try the Peak 20 workout, but didn't realize we needed to reserve a spot first; so of course they were full when we RSVP'ed. Grrrrrrr. Now I needed that outlet even more!

Yoga to the People is always my backup plan for when things go awry and I executed said plan flawlessly last night. A super-sweaty, muscle-burning, 90-some-degree power vinyasa class was just what I needed.

All better!

Where (gym, studio, etc.): : 
Workout Date: 
Thu, 06/24/2010 (All day)

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