The Angie

I had my first taste of Crossfit and can't stop thinking about it.  But I'll be travelling a lot in the coming months, and my car is busted, so I just can't shell out the $300 for Foundations right now.

So, I plan on going to as many free Saturday classes as I can, running like hell, and finding WODs I can do on my own. 

"Angie" looked to be within my skill set:

100 pull-ups

100 push-ups

100 sit-ups

100 squats

I ran a mile to warm up.  Since we don't have the bands at my gym, I knew I'd need to use the weight-assisted pull-up machine.  It was hard to figure out how much resistance to use.  Do I want to be exhausted after ten pull-ups, and have to recover?  But this is for time . . . but even total badasses can't do 100 real pull-ups straight, can they?  I gave myself more assistance than I usually do, and was able to do sets of 30 or so pull-ups.  Oddly, it was my shoulders and forearms that tired, rather than my back and biceps.  I think I have to use less assistance next time.

I did five full-body push-ups, and then the rest were on my knees, broken into sets of ten or fifteen.  But at least I got all 100.

I lagged doing the sit-ups around 40, but squoze them all out at one go.  Squats were done in three sets.

So, this was a decent workout, but not intense like the WOD I did at the CF gym.  Anyone have thoughts on how to scale to get the best workout?

Workout Date: 
Mon, 06/07/2010 (All day)

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