I followed Marion's lead because IT was IT

8:30-9:15: Tone Zone with Marion at RTZ on the Upper East Sidez
Tone Zone is the ride that includes the most intense upper body work. She included JBJ's, no hands, leaning attacks out of the saddle, oblique pulses while in the switchbacks, tricep push ups, bicep push ups, backwards arm pulses while holding deep switch backs to the left and right, twice on each side. The hottest interval was the deep switch backs where we climbed a medium hill, held to the left and right with both hands the raised up an did three sets of twenty tricep pushes, then to the two sets of switch backs on each side while pulsing the opposite arm back and up fifty times each, finishing up the interval with 3 sets of twenty bicept push-ups. A new fun trick that I really like! My favorite part of this class was the end zone; the energy was high, Marion was at her best and used all the good stuff she could to bring a group of regulars, newcomers, and returning customers together like we made new friends in the 45 minutes on the bike. No one can teach a class like the queen of spin, Marion Roaman! Wow.

9:30-10:15: old school zone with Marion at RTZ, upper east. The old school zone is designed to work the lower body without building up the quads by holding in the core so tight that one can hold such a quick cadence with lots of resistance. There were a lot of familar faces in our class so the group was together from the start. I adored marion's playlist so much that I still remember most of it in sequence. A Monday morning double is the perfect way to let go of any remaining stress from the previous work week. If you can afford the time; I highly recommend it!
Playlist and intervals below:
warm up
interval one: Rock Your Body by the Black Eyed Peas: rise up, add resistance and hold cadence, gracefully sit by using your core to keep oneself from collapsing into the saddle, race and repeat four or five times.
Interval two: just say yes: building climb adding resistance seven times beginning in the saddle and eventually, full extension. Very strong cadence.
Interval three: Hard by Rhianna: resistance stays on from interval two; climb with a 1-2-1-2 cadence in the saddle, racing position shoulders down your back, using the upper body to hold the heavy resistance without relying only on legs and hips.
Interval four: what do you want from me: I love rolling hills to this song!! Racing down hill and then loading on an excrutiating amount of resistance that you are forced out of the saddle. Repeat five times:) I'm a huge fan on rolling hills.
Interval five: dancing and crying: fly down hill, recovering on the ride and adding resistance to a flat. We raced full out three times for most of the song with two, maybe three, short pull backs.
End Zone: make the last interval your zone. I climbed out of the saddle with arms in racing position for two minutes( It's great for the glutes and inner thigh), extra switch backs for one minute and full extension climb for the last minute. My heart rate was out of my throat and bounced over third avenue.
Cool Down: we discussed other possible songs of the summer. Come to us with any playlist suggestions because we're so excited about summer spin music.

Fabulous Monday Workout. Good for the mind, body and soul. Especially mine today:)

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Workout Date: 
Mon, 06/07/2010 (All day)

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