First Crossfit Workout!

As has been documented here, I am BOOOOOOOOORED of my current routine.  Bored bored bored. 

So, taking a page from the Buns of Steal playbook, I went to the weekly free class at Potomac Crossfit.  I knew it would come accompanied by a sales pitch (and boy did it ever), but it was still the best workout I've gotten in ages, the people were wonderful, and I think I will likely join as soon as I'm back from Coast Guard officer training (!!!).

I also felt like a complete badass, as I was the only woman in the class, and I totally kept up with the dudes.

We did a warm-up that reminded me (not in a good way) of the one time I did organized sports and ran track in junior high: running from the red line doing high knees, then butt-kicks, then long jumps (at which I was TERRIBLE) and then inch-worms (at which I was so much better than the guys, and so much better than I thought I would be!) and then a lunge/back stretch thingie.  Whew.

Then we ran around the block (and oh my gosh, I'm more of a runner than I've ever been, so I didn't struggle to keep up), and learned how to do wall ball and kettleball swings.  The WOD was as many rounds as possible in twelve minutes of:

10 wall ball

10 kettleball

lap around the block

We all managed five rounds.  I thought I might throw up, but didn't.  It was awesome.  I can't wait to do more.

Workout Date: 
Sat, 06/05/2010 (All day)

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