finally kayaking

After my morning ride on Saturday, I headed out to my 2 PM kayaking tour on the Willamette River, something I've wanted to do for the entire 5 years I've lived here. I made the reservation for myself only, since most of my friends are out of town and I wasn't sure who'd want to spend fifty bucks to essentially work their arms for two and a half hours.

Totally pretty! It was me, the guide, and a German guy currently living in NYC (and vacationing here). Quiet, companionable, and we could go what felt like pretty fast, considering we were newbies. It took me awhile to get the flow of paddling, and my foot pegs were set a little too far away, making me have to clench my butt muscles a little more than I would have liked. It was great, though. And the rains stayed away for the whole trip, thankfully, since it's been pretty waterlogged here for the past, oh, MONTH.

Because we have a big festival going on downtown, I parked at the opera and ran the 1.2 miles to the marina. On the way back I walked.

[25 minutes running/walking; 150 minutes kayaking (misc)]

Workout Date: 
Sat, 05/29/2010 (All day)

Tags: portland

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