I surprised myself a little today.

In which this week's Featured Body, Evangeline, gets surprising boosts from the Social Workout and Facebook corners of the internet.

I'm a little tired. It's been a long week, and I've had a lot to do. My weirdo schedule usually involves weekends and evenings, but not five days in a row like it did this week. I was reaching the crazy place earlier this week, and fully expected to be a bitch on wheels today. Strangely, this did not happen. I think this is due the following three and a half things:

Being the "Featured Body" this week on SW. It hasn't allowed me to skip or skimp on workouts. And I need my workouts to, well, work out my angst. That hadn't been happening consistently. Now it is. I see this as a good thing.

I've been sleeping. Because all this workout is making me tired. It also makes me hungry. And I've been eating. I eat a lot. But lately, I have been eating better. I've been on a beet kick for weeks now, and I wonder if too many beets could be a bad thing.

I went to yoga. I am always so surprised at how long the calm lasts after a yoga class. It's a little silly that something makes me feel this good, and I don't pursue it. I am working on that. So about that yoga...

I woke up super relaxed today, and a little bit early, even though I was tired. I milled about a bit and was thinking about skipping my workout today. I'd been to the gym three days this week already. And I had to work in the afternoon, and I hate rushing to work after going to the gym. And I thought, "That kind of stress isn't very yogic" because I'm still a little in my yoga brain. I was divided between taking one of Kenny's few remaining spin classes and enjoying the sunshine. But I might not work out tomorrow because I have plans to literally do nothing for hours while I treat myself to a facial and my third massage, like ever. So I should go today. Or not. Then I realized I hadn't had any coffee. So I went to get some before I got a headache and I could feel the caffeine buzzing in my head. I still couldn't figure out what I wanted to do, so rather than beat myself up, I called on Facebook to work out my indecision. "To spin, or not to spin? That is the question."

I wasn't really expecting a reply, but I came out of my kitchen and heard my inbox ding. Voters in Philly and Ohio cast ballots for yes. So I just got up and went. No fuss, no panic, even though it was later than I'd usually leave. (I'd packed a headband in my little gym bag after the last headband-less drama, no worries there.)

When I got to the gym and got settled, I realized there wasn't any of the usual anxiety that comes with me to a class when I'm on a tight schedule. I was just kind of there. Which isn't bad. In fact, it's really good. When I realized how calm I was despite my last minute decision to take the class, I got really excited.And I put all that energy into the class today. I was a sweaty spinning mess by the third song in. I found myself turning up my resistance because I felt like it. I killed the stability ride, and I owned my standing runs. I never own standing runs. I'm sure I was also grunting, because I was work-ing, but oh well.

On my way home, I thought about it and I was a little surprised at how easy it was. I wasn't reasoning, or trying to justify anything. I just kind of did it, and it worked out. I'm actually a little sore already, but it's that awesome kind of ache you love because you know you worked for it. And today ended up not sucking as much as it probably would have. In fact, it ended up being a good day. And I am so okay with that.

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Yorick should have gotten his bony ass to the gym.
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Thu, 05/13/2010 (All day)


Always remember how good you feel after you work out and when you're faced with indecision, think back to that feeling and you'll ALAWAYS choose to workout.

No one ever regrets a workout :)

Glad you had a good day....

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Yes! So hard to remember, but so stupidly true. You never regret getting off your butt...but you almost always regret staying on it.

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totally loving your posts! i really want to try one of kenny's classes before he retires. oh and i think you left a comment elsewhere about wishing athletes foot on those who steal bikes- BRILLIANT.

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