Family time

My mom used to run. Like, for real. She ran a half-marathon when I was four, and all I remember about it was how hard she worked, how exhausted she was at the end, and how impossible a feat it seemed to be. I grew up and never even considered running, or any other athletic endeavor, but in the back of my mind I always had that image of her, tired and triumphant at the finish.

Years later, I just ran my first half, and my mother hasn't run in years. So I asked her if she wanted to race with me on mother's day. Not really race, of course, but run together, in Central Park, at an event celebrating families. She said yes right away, but then every time we talked about it all she could say was how nervous she was about being able to finish (it was 4 miles, not a slouch by any stretch of the imagination.) I started to worry that I'd coerced her into it, or she was only doing it to make me happy. You know, the usual complicated mother-daughter crap.

On race day, after reassuring her for the 18th time that I wasn't about to take off and leave her behind if she needed to stop and walk, we took off at an easy pace, walked some at every mile marker and on the really nasty hills, and finished in 47 minutes (that's an 11:47 mile - her goal was 12:00!) I kept up a steady chatter when she was struggling, but honestly she didn't struggle that much. The park was beautiful, and when we finished it was clear how proud she was.

Mother's day can sometimes feel like a cliche-fest - flowers and brunch! ladies! - but this time I really got it. My mom kicks ass.

Workout Date: 
Sun, 05/09/2010 (All day)


What a great idea!  My mom and I take turns inspiring each other to work out more.  I'm totally going to challenge her to run a 5k with me on her birthday in August.  She'll love it. 

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