Certain things aren't as scary in the dark

In my opinion extra credit should not be mandatory but I guess I should have paid more attention in class, so I was really pissed when I couldn't do said extra credit and walked out of class. Usually I would have gone home and sulked eaten some cherry Garcia and called it a night. Thank goddess for good friends, not only was there an outlet for venting they actually inspired a really really long walk. I have never been in central park at night, especially around the Jackie O reservoir, but things are not as scary in the dark. Granted I probably would not be running the path alone, like some brave souls, but in a group, it was actually beautiful. We laughed, cried, vented and walked. We walked around once and the we walked along some trails, eventually we found an exit and had to walk all the way back uptown but in total it was about 240 min. My feet are killing me since I had sandals on but the 30 min of stretching really helped my legs. 

west side skyline view on reservoir edge
Workout Date: 
Fri, 05/14/2010 (All day)


That's awesome. The walking around the park at night part, not the mandatory extra credit/ missed opportunity part.

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thanks amy yeah it was really nice.

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