Things are looking up.

After a late-night Iron Man, I got up early enough to hit Crunch for Matt P's 1030 Ride class. I would disown anyone else that played Avril Lavigne in my presence on purpose, but with Matt it works. I didn't get one of my favorite bikes, but I may have discovered a new favorite, and had myself a nice little ride. I've been anxious before classes lately because my game was off, but today felt normal. My whole day fely normal. I got a workout, got some coffee, had my bowl of cereal, walked around town half the day, played with babies, ate meatballs. Everything feels good. I feel good. Welcome back, me!

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Sat, 05/08/2010 (All day)


yay! i don't see you at crunch anymore...

Fraidy's picture

Welcome back, you.

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Fraidy! I've been lurking about, but I will be at Dougie's 545 Ride tomorrow should you be around! I know your foot is not well, but just in case.. :)

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hmm. i took carl's spin today. should i take another spin class tomorrow?

Fraidy's picture

Hm, depends on your foot I think. If you want to save up your spin-ness, come to Kenny's class on Thursday afternoon. And I read your post, you are definitely stronger than you think if you turned the knob up to his specifications; he's a killer.

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