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Kadi Fit spent a Friday evening devoting a workout class solely to the major motion pictures that have shaped our lives...




DJ spinnin the beats…


Try the TRIVIA… Name the movie each of these tracks are from. 
1. You’re the One that I Want
2.  Hungry Eyes
3. Danger Zone
4. Maniac
5. Shake Ya Tailfeather
6. Devil Went Down to Georgia
7. Shout
8. Great Balls of Fire
9. Jai Ho
10. Stayin Alive
11. Cruel Summer
12. Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)
13. Old Time Rock and Roll
14. Soul Bossa Nova
15. Born to Hand Jive
16. I’ve Had the Time of My Life
17. Johnny B. Goode
18. Won’t You Forget About Me
19. White Wedding
20. Walking on Sunshine
21. Gangstas Paradise
22. Get’cha Head in the Game



Workout Date: 
Sat, 04/10/2010 (All day)


Love it!

Also, apologies for the trouble I think you must have had posting this. It got caught in our SPAM filter, which is acting up at the moment. We're working on the problem!

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Thanks! I think it happenned again... My newest post didn't show. Will you look for it, "a spring (in your step) playlist."


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