On Pilates and Hip Circles

My question: How many situps, if any, is a Pilates class worth toward's one's Feralicious goals? (Can one even count situps done in a class towards one's feat goals?) My answer: You can count situps (or pushups) from a class, but they must be real, identifiable situps. No "situp equivalents," as in: "30 seconds of Pilates teasers is equivalent to 10 situps." No, that's a slippery slope.

And so I took Joanna Dworkin's late Pilates class at EquiSoho (Tuesday), and it was good, even if I felt like a giant oaf in a room fulll of graceful women, (and graceful gay men). One satisfying thing about Pilates vs. yoga: You come away with exhausted, soon-to-be-ripped abs. Another thing: After a day of sitting, it's fun to do leg circles. We should all be sure you use all the degrees of motion available in our hip sockets. Just saying.

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Tue, 03/23/2010 (All day)


leg circles are fun...hmmmm maybe just a little....

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