Late Rope Jumping

Didn't get to the gym until ten-after-nine. PEA. EM. That's late to start sweating, and I blame my compulsive, procrastinatory inability to separate from desk at the end of the day in hopes that I'll suddenly be granted divine clarity and complete all of the outstanding things on my To Do lists. But whatever. 

They gym was quieting down, but still not uncrowded. Here's what I noticed: Lot's of guys. Late at night is guy time at Equinox Soho. Is that the case for other gyms, I wonder? Perhaps girls are saner, and don't work out past 10 P.M. Perhaps they're worried about getting attacked on their way home. (Is that a sexist assumption?)

I jumped rope, and it felt good. I haven't jumped for 25 minutes in years. It's grooving, cardio, but with a satisfying feeling of technical competence. It was a good sweat.

And then I did pushups and situps, and a round of dips and pullups. I will not reveal how deskbound and weak I was on pull up bar and dip machine.


Where (gym, studio, etc.): : 
Workout Date: 
Wed, 03/24/2010 (All day)


Late night gym is where it's at! vonSass are big fans of it! We left the gym after 1 am that's really WILD. Clearly we are insane..

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