I Eat a LOT of Processed Junk

These Eat Wild meals have made me realize just how much processed food stuff I eat on a daily basis. And it also made me realize how limited my cooking skills are because my eat wild meals consist mostly of fruit and salad, with an occasional scrambled egg. Oh, one time I made steamed chicken and stir fry veggies, but it was a lot of work.

I just would rather eat tortilla chips and hummus, which I now know is because of the sugar, fat and salt bliss point. But it's so friggin' good!

To combat this processed foodness, I did not drink on St. Patty's day. I went to yoga first and then to a bar where I drank water while others drank beer.

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Wed, 03/17/2010 (All day)


Ohhh, this makes me sad. Hummus and beer a couple of tortilla chips aren't that bad. Although the guilt and denial of life's pleasures does sound Catholic, which is probably appropriate for St. Patrick's Day.

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I totally feel you on this one.  It's depressing how hard the challenge really is.  A few of my meals have been from a restaurant that I know everything is fresh from scratch.  I have to pay someone else to get me through this challenge.

One of my lunches was some chicken and an apple.

While beer may not count as a meal...I think it should still be considered natural. :)  It's delicious-and fermenting is a natural process.  It has saved countries when their water supply was too poor to drink!  Maybe next month we can have a beer challenge?

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