felt like dorm yoga w/ a dude

Yoga to the People Hot Vinyasa was like having the hockey player next to you sophmore year convince you to go into the common room of the dorm, next the the bathroom (while heat is soaking in from the showers) and practice yoga. A tall sort of attractive, sort of annoying, sort of tofu flavored man instructed what YTTP call "Hot Vinyasa." The studio is small and the price is $5, but your experience is pretty $5 rated.

The instructor did not dazzle me, but sort of irritated me. Seemed like an actor who couldn't get a gig teaching acting so he taught yoga but didn't know anything about yoga so decided to do some character research.

I love breath, I love grunting, I love expression...but the moans did not seem very felt like people who were just groaning out of bordem or obligation...meh.

After the class, I was totally grossed out by the no shower thing. My friend went back to work, and I was thinking of going to Crunch on 38th ST to shower.

On the other hand, the BIKRAM Hot Yoga at Yoga to the People has a much bigger, better, cleaner, and shower filled studio on 27th street. If you like Bikram, I think that YTTP is much cleaner than some of the pricey Bikram places and totally wonderful if you want to get your sweat on in the same 26 postures.


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Wed, 03/03/2010 (All day)


Wait, you had a hockey player next door that did yoga?

And I am keeping fingers crossed on your job search... good things are coming I can feel it.

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Haha I had hockey players next to me that were about 5'3 and put their stinky clothes in the hallway...none of them did yoga...but I'm sure that they'd do an equally poor job imitating a yoga instructor. There only skills involved Natty Ice and six foot long table.

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ugh. moaning out of obligation...that is an interesting visual/aural. i know that studio well...I wonder who the teacher was?? yttp loves their aspiring actor teachers, it's kind of their thing. eh. I did my tt there but do not fit the mold I guess to teach there. 38th street crunch for sure! get the pb cup shake to refuel after sweating your heart out! ;)

the bikram "traditional hot" yttp place DOES rule, though the really pretty shiny floors in the main room and bathrooms get REALLY slippery from the heat condensation! I slipped and dropped my fav pair of crystal earrings on that floor and one cracked. boo.

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and i am sending you job and money vibes...right...NOW! 

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haha, urbanshurpa, I don't know his name- he was tall and had dark hair. I'm all about supporting my local actors-but if you don't fit the part, you shouldn't get the part : ) most people seemed to really enjoy the class though that were there.

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Tofu-flavored? How did you figure that one out, hm? =P

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