AM workout and feeling better - and seriously - anyone want to bike Spain with me?


So I sort of lost it yesterday but as I said in last night's post– tomorrow (now today) I’m focusing on the fact that I’m healthy and my body does just about everything I need it to whenever I need it to.  That’s good enough for me.

I got 45 on the Elliptical in then came home for a round of situps and pushups.  It’s now warm enough to workout outside but there is still so much snow and ice on the ground I think it would be suicidal to try. 


Food - dinner’s tonight – bought ingredients last night at Whole Paycheck – I mean Foods.  It’s ballooned to six people.

Soul – 30 minute meditation last night.  It felt really great.  My mind definitely wanders – I’m very much still a beginner, but I do get to a place where the time sort of stops so it doesn’t feel like a half hour.   It calmed me down enough from my shitty mood (see last post) to go to sleep which is pretty cool.   I’m going to try for an hour this afternoon and this weekend  I’m headed to the hippy store (Garland of Letters) to research books on meditation and try to do this a bit more systematically and with a little more direction.  


Workout Date: 
Fri, 02/19/2010 (All day)


I've always wanted to do the Camino de Santiago by bike.  Wish I could!

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I have not been on a bike sine age 12...but this could be like the coolest thing ever and motivation to re learn biking, which i'd prob be good at....seriously...

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oh sass - it's trues what they say about riding a bike.  It's so easy.  Seriously - I'm going to bug you about it on Monday.


Seshat - I wish you could!  I know - I've wanted to do it forever

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When you posted this yesterday I thought about saying yes, definitely.  My spring/summer travel plans are very much still up in the air, but this would be amazing.  We could even practice our Spanish!  I'm a giant maybe...

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ok Now I have to come on Monday and put the hard sell on both of you!

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