I have no legs

My knees have always been trouble for me - I have a long and robust history of arthritis in my family, and a healthy paranoid fear of stress injury, so when I run I'm hyper-aware of them. My right knees been vaguely sore for the past couple of weeks, so I've decided to take preventive measures rather than run the risk of having it develop into a real problem. Last week after my long run I rigged up some ice packs, which felt alright, but not particularly efficient. After today's 10.5 miler (Roosevelt Island, hooray!) I went hardcore and decided to try sitting in an ice bath.

Holy crap.

15 minutes of sheer frozen torture. I have no idea if it was effective or not, because I'm not entirely sure if I still have a lower half.


In other news, good run. A little harder than the last time I took this route, but made the same pace overall. Whoo boy it was windy, though!

Workout Date: 
Sun, 02/07/2010 (All day)

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