2 workouts today! Ride the Zone Clinic and last class of All About You.. Legs.. with Julie Bobek

so today at 11:30am, I went to a Ride the Zone Clinic for beginners. It was FREE!!! It was so awesome, 3 friends joined me... all avid spinners.... since the group was small, we got a lot of attention and it was great!!! I was really using my core, afterwards I felt it in my waist... I met so many great people there, Jayvee, Nikki, Marion, Caroline, Steven, Jess. It was a blast. Nikki was our group leader and was so hard core... So in the clinic, they showed us what to expect, they taught us how to maneuver the bikes.. I was so scared when we were doing the turns and was terrified to stand up, but bc it was small group, I was able to scream... I am not a cyclist, in fact, I learned how to ride a bike last year... Marion said that if we ever need anymore more help or if we are still intimidated they would offer to help us... I really liked them. They also gave us free RTZ water bottles...  afterwards, i ran off to catch the M66 bus, which was right outside RTZ and went to Reebok for the last class of All About You.. Legs.. with Julie Bobek. I arrived @ 1pm, bought a smoothie, finally put on heart rate monitor, figured out how to use it.. and then killed myself for 75 mins. I burned 717 calories in that class!!! My quads got really tight though, and after class, Julie kneaded my quads. She is just the best and she gave us all resistance bands. She also let me film her with my digital camera bc I there are 3 exercises that I have to continue, and I have the worst memory for this stuff. Anyway, I am so glad I  took that class with Julie, it really changed me. Even my trainer, Alex, noticed that I am working harder now.  I can now jump rope for over a minute, could never do that b4.... now I just have to add the criss cross and I can complete another FEAT...

Workout Date: 
Sat, 01/30/2010 (All day)


Sounds like a day full of learning and trying fun new things - amazing day! I've always wanted to try a spin/cycling class. What a great experience.  Be sure to stretch it out so you can still walk around tomorrow :)

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Thanks snowpeach!!! I did not see your comment until now..

even though I stretched afterwards, had some serious DOMS on Sunday...  Spinning is fun! at first, I was resistant,  but now i love it.  My gym offers a 30 mins spinning basics class which i took. But if your gym d/n offer a clinic, just get to the class early and ask the instructor to set you up and explain the positions. If you like it as much as I do, then get a pair of spin shoes...

Next Saturday, I am thinking of going to another Ride the Zone clinic with my friend, and then take All about Arms , from 1:30-3pm. I thought of going to Aarona and Jordanna's CorePrana workshop (yoga/pilates workshop) @ 3:30pm but I think  I will need to eat.. and I do not think 30 mins is enough time to digest esp for a core-based class... hmmm....

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