Hot hot yoga

Why, yes I am posting tonight to get the check mark.  And to keep the lizzes on their toes ;)

Hot Yoga with Jess- like a reunion.  Especially because it's msh's anniversary with Crunch, and Mr Mohawk lost his hot yoga virginity.  Possibly twice, according to his account of the "adjustment" he received.

I sweated like I've never sweated before even.  Literally puddles of sweat, and it was dripping down every inch of my body the entire time.  So much so that certain poses I couldn't do because I couldn't hold on.  Walked out looking like I'd been drenched, and feeling like I'd been wrung out.

Not much today on the Sexification front, as it was kind of a tough day.  But I did find out that in full pigeon I can actually put my head on the floor, which feels pretty sexy.

Also dinner with some friends was much more important.  As was being a grocery consultant for sass after.

Oh, I have a few thanks to distribute:

vonhottie for the beef stew recipe which has created an aura of awesome around me at work, and for accepting both my proposals.  I'll get the ring soon.
cj for a lunch time walk, chocolate bars, and general awesomeness
msh for moral support and offers of inappropriate hugs (will collect soon ;)
killercadoogan for general awesomeness of hugs
mr. mohawk for listening to my ramble, and cuddling with me at dinner
sass for the attempt-to-pick-up-and-hump-at-the-same time hug, and shopping fun

Now I'm going to take my borrowed collection of Elliot Smith and see if I can't conjure some interesting dreams.

Feats Update: last night had 4 hours of sleep.  which was oversleeping, and blew the sleep discipline.  sadly no dreams.  Today walked 14027 steps, and had one home (work) cooked meal.
Where (gym, studio, etc.): : 
Classes Taken: 
Workout Date: 
Tue, 01/26/2010 (All day)


vonhottie would have been so pleased to see all those sweaty clavicles...

msh258's picture

Dinner with friends is always the highest priority.

Now I have to go run to keep my workout numbers up.  This would me much easier if the other Lizzes would just stop working out and let me win.  :)

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never, lizh, never!

although i'm about to be struggling with work, so you may get that from me unintentionally.

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