Dogs Make For Better Workout Company Than Certain Soho Gym Clientele

Allow me to properly set the scene: I'm flat on my back with right leg in air. My trainer is pushing said leg closer to my head in that good kind of pain way. I'm reveling in the post-workout stretch, in that too rare moment of intense relaxation when your body and mind are totally in synch. As trainer stretches leg as far as hamstring will allow, and I exhale a rather loud sigh, my head shifts left to reveal my workout neighbor: Short, furry, and a master of jump-fetch coordination, a dog is repeatedly hurdling over the benchpress, catching a ball thrown by another trainer.  And he's being cheered on by a yelpy little guy, of the purse-fitting variety, who, I should note, I nearly trampled in the locker room pre-shower.

Now, let me rewind. I've recently made the decision to start training again with Rebecca, an astrologist-cum-trainer I worked with during my membership stint at Equinox last year. During our final session last December, Rebecca announced that she was leaving Equinox Soho and landing at Coredell, a private training gym a few blocks away. Since I possess a financial and psychological fear of a year-long Equinox membership, her departure seemed perfect motivation to continue our training. Which brings us to today, the aforementioned stretch, and subsequent introduction of the dog.

And I couldn't have been more delighted. Here I was in a private training gym with top-notch equipment, having just completed a kickass session during primetime hour, and my only "distraction" was a dog. A dog that doesn't wear Lululemon,  gaze at itself in the mirror between sets, or bump into you on the mat because his eyes are focused on his iPod. For all the label-adorned hot-bods, and workout characters dotting the gym scene, I may just declare the dog my official gym company of choice. 

Where (gym, studio, etc.): : 
Dog Treadmill (via <a href="">normanack</a>)
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Wed, 01/20/2010 (All day)


AMEN! Also, in addition to not being narcissistic fuckwads, did you know that petting a dog for 3 minutes produces the same oxytocin spike that nursing mothers experience when feeding their babies? So you can literally get all blissed out just from petting your furry friend...that sounded dirtier than I intended, but you know what I'm saying - give fido some love! Added bonus: the dog experiences the same oxytocin spike you do so it makes both of you all happy.

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Love the post and the dog!  That's one of the greatest pleasure of the home workout for me.  my dog does downward (and upward) dog with me every time.

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