i didn't know the locker rooms were THAT full...

Mr. Yummy!!! I'm back!!! Yes!!! The first hot yoga class since August! I could just feel my body slowly releasing all the tension of the last months. Amazing. The only thing that could have made the class better is if this guy hadn't decided to come into class, drop down his mat, proceed to take of his jeans and shirt, and do hot yoga in his underwear. Yes, his underwear. No, not boxers...tight shorts. And, they were rainbow coloed and WHITE. White in hot yoga. Why?!

Moving on...

My exerspy tells me that desk jobs suck for my body. Yesterday I burned 3300 calories throughout the day...and today, 2300 so far. Clearly sitting for 8 hours (well, actually I took a walk for lunch!) is no good for my metabolism. HMPH. Also, exerspy tells me I sleep like crap. BUT, I do get in a lot of walking...this weekend I averaged 18000 steps a day. Crazy!

In terms of feats, I'm going strong:


  • WORK OUT: 8/20
  • JAN PLAN+: 9/33
  • WHOLE GRAINY: 9/33
  • STAND UP: 9/33
  • SLEEP LOG: 6:41 last night. lovely.
  • PIMP YOUR BED: 9/33
  • D.I.Y. - GREEN LEAFIES: 9/33
  • D.I.Y. - TRAINING PLAN: 9/33
  • 1000's P-U / S-U: 550 push-ups, 700 sit-ups


  • SUGAR FREE - since going paleo, I haven't had any added sugars. I wasn't even thinking about it, but I finished day 4 today!
  • GO FISH: week two - CHECK! Having gone Paleo is making me eat tons of fish! Mahi mahi for dinner last night & breakfast this morning, salmon at lunch. Yay omega-3s! Do your thing!
  • PLANT FRIENDLY: so far so good
  • HOME FOOD: week two - not yet
  • SWAP MEAT: week two - not yet
  • TAKE A BATH: week two - not yet
  • HOME WORKOUT: week two - not yet


Where (gym, studio, etc.): : 
Classes Taken: 
kinda like this but body not as hot, more hairy and we could see his ass crack. lovely.
Workout Date: 
Tue, 01/19/2010 (All day)


maybe he thought his underwear would get him sprinkles from one of the other ladies in the studio or yummy himself. 

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your comment could cause a lot of confusion for people not on the 'in.' HA.

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There was a dude at YTTP who was doing bikram in tighty whiteys and no one said anything.

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uh, yeah, thanks for the awkward nsfw moment of the day award, when I opened your post and my coworker came over to ask a question and together we stared at your acid trip banana hammock pic.


no, thanks, really, I need an excuse to not read your posts.

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mohak, sw is so full of sauna cardio, sexytone, etc. that it's probably inappropriate to read at work period. you're clearly very irresponsible.

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i think there's a big difference between written inuendos and cock sillhouettes in fundies. clearly you don't tho, you crazy european nudist.

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in response to the tags: 1) chatturanga should definitely count for push-ups and 2) i'm getting sick too and no clue why! obvious but still drink a lot of water and try to get more sleep then usual :) i actually think i'm fightin this bad boy off.

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I'm with Mohawk on this, I'm afraid.  My computer faces the rest of the office, and now no one believes I have work to catch up on, they think I'm surfing gay porn sites.

Whoa, I just agreed with Mohawk on a comment thread.  Something funny going on here....

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also, Oliver, this might be a good time to mention it'd be nice to have a link back to the comments page or the main page at the bottom of posts, in case a post DOES have some nsfw crap in it that we don't want to scroll through to exit out of... does that make sense?

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