E/S/W 8: Hideout

The most despicable thing about the Standard North-East Liberal Arts School Gym is the fact that everyone goes, and at the SAME TIME. This means that my 40 min elliptical workout in my old "row for it" shirt and horribly broken out skin turns into an exercise in becoming invisible. No, I do not want to see you, Ex-Best-Frenemy. No, I do NOT want you to come over, Guy Friend Who Occasionally Calls Me Fat. I just want to sweat and be done.

Somehow made it out of there without a single instance of eye contact and a full workout under my belt. The things I do for you, SW.



Workout Date: 
Fri, 10/23/2009 (All day)


I Love this description! SO true.  I'm so glad these days are over. 

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