Dear Apple, Spinach, Goat cheese salad,

You guys should hang out more often. You are really delicious. And I enjoyed eating you for my SW-e-AT today, even if I had to do plie while washing the bowl.

sandyliz's belly


Dear uterus,

I hate you. You hate me. I get it. Now leave me alone.
I mean, I took away caffeine, and you still hurt me. Yes, it was much less, but it still hurt. I slept, chugged water, ate well and exercised, and at the end of our week together I feel like I just escaped a war. Stop being mean and I will give you chocolate. But no babies, so stop asking.

the person who keeps yelling ow at you


Dear k.ben, and any other beautiful thin woman who thinks she needs to lose weight,

Right now, go over to your collection of fashion magazines. Throw them all out. ALL of them. NOW.
Ok, done? Good. Turn off your tv for a while, and ignore all the ads you see. Because you are absolutely, incredibly, perfectly beautiful. You are healthy and svelte. You can run miles, and swim miles, and jump and play and do all of the unmentionable things our bodies are capable of.

Rachel Zoe cannot. All those models who are so thin their shoulder blades show cannot. No fun, no run, no play, no eat. Just misery and pain, and probably a string of unshakeable colds and flus.

Oh, and while we're here, go over to your closet, pull out everything you're trying to fit into, and throw it away. Or take it to the greenmarket clothing recycler. But don't ever look at it again. And go out, and buy some beautiful dresses that fit your fabulous body exactly as it is.

I repeat: You are beautiful. And strong, and smart. Don't let the cult of thin get to you. You're better than that.

overweight girls

p.s. not eating enough fat leads to depression.


Dear sandyliz,

Don't let not being thin bother you either. Go eat some more goat cheese. Take a nap. Give someone a hug.

Forget that people thinner than you worrying about weight makes you feel sad and ugly. Tell your mama to shut up if she tells you to lose weight.

You are also beautiful, and deserve to enjoy it.

And take good care of yourself, we're going to be together for a while.

the smarter less neurotic part of your brain

Where (gym, studio, etc.): : 
Classes Taken: 
you are as complex and beautiful as this flower
Workout Date: 
Tue, 10/13/2009 (All day)


sandyliz' letters = wise.

msh258's picture

msh's support = virtual hug

sandyliz's picture

ha. i like how you sign everything 'love,' except to your uterus, which is 'Sincerely.'

How does a uterus ask for bebbies anyway?

Mr. Mohawk's picture

it hits me everytime i see a baby.
and gets meaner every year.

sandyliz's picture

well, on the flipside, every time i see i beautiful woman i wanna procreate. or. you know. practice at least ;)

but it gets more apathetic every year.

Mr. Mohawk's picture

Mohawk, you make me smile :)


sandyliz's picture

i missed this post yesterday but i love it. uterus, thin girls, and spinach with goat cheese salad - you got it right all around!  i hope you're feeling better today : )


twinklefee's picture

beautiful.  just beautiful.

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