Building James Bond part 1 - See you from my spy plane baby...

I'm more Austin Powers than James Bond. Had my session with Mike today and he started out with sprints. At one point he began to chide me for stopping. "He was like if you want to look like James Bond you can't stop like this." The truth is Lee's client a tall skinny blonde was working in the same area. So I was like "If I want to be like James Bond I have to stop and appreciate the ladies." He could not argue with my logic. We continued to the PT studio where he punished my abs something fierce. I in true James Bond fashion did not reveal any secrets even under excrutiating torture. After that we did chest which proved to be a different kind of torture. He told me to work on back on my own and the focus Thursday will be legs and shoulders. Good session...

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Tue, 09/01/2009 (All day)


that is hilarious! lol

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the bond girls are the real key

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yes they are!

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