Monday Usual

Darryl spinning at Equi Soho. Worried in passing if I might have a heart attack. Resolved to spend money on better looking gym clothes. My outfits are ridiculous, and impractical. I'm going with capris, the better to accentuate my long, borderline scrawny, excessively hairy legs. Not to beat myself up. I think I'll look half decent in a pair of capris. After did pushups and situps surrounded by much better dressed, very attractive women and wondered if perhaps EquiSoho is a hub for models. (Note to self: Profile of gym cultures and communities.) Ran into D.M. and we commiserated on blog stuff. He said I looked thin. He's Mexican and charming and believes in a certain healthy robustness. I'll consider it. Meanwhile, count it. 

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Mon, 08/24/2009 (All day)


I've decided that fancy workout (read: not from old navy) outfits really might make a difference. I haven't invested in any, so this certainly isn't based in any factual experience, but I sympathize with your raggedy clothes feelings. Capris it is!

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