Feats of Summer Challenge - If the Bad News Bears were a football team...

they would be called the Slumdog Stimulators. This ragtag band of athletes managed to go 1 and 2 at yesterdays Zogsports Summer Classic despite losing several original members of the team. The first game we lost 30-6. We had trouble adjusting to the zone at first and we got burned on a few key plays. The second game we lost 40-6. The second team we played belonged in a much higher division. We had hope in our last game that we could still mathematically advance if we won by at least 21 points. As a team in spring ball we never won by that decisive a margin but we were a team possessed. And we took game 3 with a score of 27-0. I caught a red zone interception and our final touchdown. We didn't advance but we showed our dominance at Saloon afterward. Kellee and her partner held one beer pong table for almost three hours. My partner Vanessa and I held a table through 7 games. Needless to say I was very drunk afterward and had an adventure getting home but that is another story...

Workout Date: 
Mon, 08/24/2009 (All day)


you're a champ at the important things in life...and that's most important.

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