Feats of Summer - Frogger Football Gametime!

The reason I like my job is that I work with a competitive sort and with that there is always a whole bunch of shit talking. Today Mike decided to try me against defenders in the rain. So I lined up against Eric and Lee who were playing zone. Now to give you a little Cadoogan history I am about 6'2 and 225lbs. That being said I am the runt in my family. All of my relatives are bigger than me. So when I play I naturally play harder to keep up. I don't think they were ready for me to be ask aggressive as I was because I caught them off guard a number of times. It felt good to know that I could take them on. After the session I did a lot of shit talking and so did Mike. Tomorrow we meet for practice. Game time is Sunday. Look out Zogsports here comes Killercadoogan.

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Fri, 08/21/2009 (All day)


you show them trainers!!!

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