OMG i have a super-serious "wellness" regime (aka how to screw your insurance)

Yay for physical therapy! Last week I decided that because I was ridiculously tense, stiff and achy that I needed a serious massage. Unfortunately, I'm broke (courtesy of Trainer Mike). So, my mom (haha she's a crook at heart, I guess) suggested that I might wanna check and see if my insurance would cover getting physical therapy. Hmmmm. I called my doctor and was able to get a referral to the same guy my mom's been seeing for her back pain. According to her, he's an artist. Well, after this mornings 45 minute appointment with him I couldn't agree more. He stretched me and massaged me and talked to me about my workout regimen and goals. He also gave me some exercises to do intermittently at home to stretch and massage some of the muscles that have been bothering me. After the session he also told me I could come see him 1-2 x a week, and apparently my insurance covers it (minus the copay)! Yay for cheap heavenly massage!!! Now...if I could get my insurance to pay for a nutritionist too...will research. Part numero dos of my current wellness regime involves the hypnosis bit (read previous post if you don't know what I'm talking about!). Well, I'll be having my second session this weekend probably and I have to say I'm absolutely stunned by the immediate changes I've noticed. For one, I have NOT eaten at all when I'm not hungry. In fact, I've not been having my evening snack and I'm not watching the clock all day for my "meal times." Instead, I feel like I'm much more in tune with my body and I'm reading it much better. Now, of course, I also gave up the dotfit tracking so that probably alleviated some of the obsessive planning / thinking about food. But, I've not been in the least tempted by random food in the office, at my parents' place, or even the random samples my fave coffee shop puts out. Somehow I'll look at it and simply know "I'm not hungry." I'm a very rational person and I find this all very hard to process - I simply can't explain how this would work! It would be an understatement to say I didn't believe in hypnosis before...but now, my friend may actually make a believer out of me. I'm really curious to see what happens as I have these other two sessions. Btw...I'm also really loving the self-hypnosis exercise before I go to sleep! I finish it and I'm so relaxed I fall asleep within minutes - no tossing and turning! Last but not least, I have my beloved Trainer Mike (OMG quite possibly only for another month - how am I gonna deal?!) and Crunch Union Square. Today, I had a wonderful workout with a couple of the Mr.Yummy groupies (twinklefee and sandyliz and also killercadoogan...maybe he's a groupie on the DL? and where the eff were you CJ?!). I did a nice 30 minute run at 6.3mph and then hot yoga. And hot yoga than OMG I'm-so-sweaty-I-think-I-didn't-take-yoga-but-actually-a-shower. Ooooooohhhhh deliciousness!!! Favorite part of class: Sandyliz doing navasana (see pic) about two feet from Mr. Yummy's face and he goes "that's nice!" I think I laugh-snorted. HAHA Today I ate: 6:00am 1 egg, 2 egg whites with leafy greens, 2 slices Canadian bacon and a teeny slice of bread a grapefruit 1 cup of low-fat plain kefir 10:00am Greek and plain yogurt mixed with a peach and an apricot and ground flaxseed coffee with whole milk 1:00pm roasted chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, shredded carrots and feta with orange honey mustard vinaigrette small whole wheat pita 4:00pm plain oatmeal with 1 plum, 1 peach and a little non-fat Greek yogurt 8:00pm bulldozer from liquiteria (banana, peanut butter, vanilla soy milk and chocolate whey protein smoothie) OMG SINFUL DELICIOUSNESS 9:30pm steamed mini pork buns & 1 tomato

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sandliz navasana'd in mr yummy's face and he thought that was "nice" HAHA
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Tue, 08/18/2009 (All day)


yeah! now that's health reform!

re: boy situation. PRIORITIZE. I usually stick with the ones who are nicer people, better lovers, and or can take me on their boat.

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Not only did he say "that's nice" but then he bumped into me. Very hard to concentrate when you're trying to not kick the instructor in the face...not that I'm quite that flexible I guess, I would have actually kicked him in the knee or shoulder.

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ack! sorry i missed hot yoga groupie time.
good thing you had killercadoogan to sub in for me. haha

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