Slept all morning, rolled out of bed for work, finished around 5:30 (yay for holidays!) and made it to Muay Thai at 7.

And then we ate cupcakes.

Where (gym, studio, etc.): : 
Classes Taken: 
red velvet deliciousness from tonnies minis
Workout Date: 
Thu, 07/02/2009 (All day)


the cupcakes look goooood :) so you take muay thai too? I am on my 3rd class so far, and loving it.

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a friend of mine challenged me on the question of the best cupcakes in manhattan and while i haven't had all of them, tonnie's is awesome - we did a taste test last night and my place won:) bad night for his place, or so he says...

i take the muay thai offered at crunch, so even though the instructor teaches at a school, there are just some things we don't get to unfortunately (and some things we can't do). it'd be awesome to take it at a school!

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