Flea Market Workout

After yesterday's burpee-fest I was looking forward to a nice long stroll as my workout today. I got up early and went to this awesome flea market in Hannover where I found two WWII era typewriters for 5 euro each. They were amazing. I had to have them both. Unfortunately, part of their amazingness is their incredible mass, about 8.5 kilos each (that's 18.7 pounds kids), so my nice long stroll turned into a brisk "farmers walk."

I schlepped those typewriters across about 3 miles. Then I realized that I could rent a locker at the train station. Brief tangent: train lockers - AWESOME! I felt like James Bond or some kind of international art thief espionager, especially since I was storing these awesome old school typewriter cases that could totally be full of cash or drugs or atomic secrets...

Anyway, I stored the typewriters and walked another few miles, watched some rowing races, played with some dogs at a park, ate a brat and watched a bunch of punks pile on top of each other and thrust while yelling lewd things at old ladies. Germany is so awesome.

Workout Date: 
Sat, 05/30/2009 (All day)


Sounds great!

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londontransplant's posts are so awesome.

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