10k...on a treadmill?!

Today wasn't one of those days where I was just in a running-kinda mood. In fact, I started sneaking peaks at the timer after a little over 6 minutes. NOT a promising start. I just kept telling myself to get to 30 minutes and then do something else. And, slowly, the timer kept going up and up. Well, I hit 30 minutes (I was running at 5.5mph) and my heart rate was just under 150 and I thought that I could keep going to 45 minutes. Then, I hit 45 and saw I'd done just over 4 miles and I thought: well, I can keep going...I think, I THINK I can run 6.2 miles (or, a 10k). And, I actually turned up the speed to 6 mph, and then to 6.5mph and finally finished the last half mile at 7mph. I hit 6.2 miles in 65 minutes - the longest I've ever run, both in distance and time. :-) I left for brunch feeling quite accomplished.

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Sat, 05/09/2009 (All day)


Nice! Don't you love when motivation sneaks up on you like that? And 7mph is a good strong pace too!

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good job! show that treadmill who's boss.

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