may 4 - overcoming demotivation

i decided last night that i would do the elliptical after work today. i got my clothes out and put them on the floor so as to be super prepared.

cut to today after work. i've had a brutal headache all day and was hot and sweaty from carrying groceries up from the car. "i wonder if that counts... i did carry two 12 packs of soda. that's weight training, right?"

but there were the clothes on the floor, glaring at me accusingly. i started running through all the reasons why i didn't want to go to the gym while i was putting on my gym clothes. continued running through the reasons while i walked to the gym.

and then lost myself in 30 minutes on the elliptical! headache continues unabated, but being hot and sweaty and tired totally failed to prevent me from going to the gym and working out. victory is mine!

Workout Date: 
Mon, 05/04/2009 (All day)


you just inspired me to do the sit ups i was not going to do! Way to keep motivated!

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