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Good to see you back, lady!!!

1) I am very sad to hear of Charity's departure. I always loved her pieces and wish her the best.

2) I miss the blog, too.  I'm a writer; it's what I do. I want to communicate the experience of fitness.  I want to share it with others.  The new site is not blog friendly.  Stat charts, while a useful tool for an individual, do little to build a community and quite honestly give Type A'ers like me hives when I fall behind in making an entry.  Then I just stop making entries at all. And then I stop visiting the site.  This makes me sad.

3) I'm delighted to hear that another version is in the works because I have missed you all.  Crossing my fingers.

How did I miss this post the first time around?! Love it!!!

They're using fingerprint scanners at the Equinox on 19th & Broadway.  It kinda weirded me out, too.

Depends on how good the sex is.  Bad sex is not worth 10 pounds on my ass.

Oh my god, please.  This is like the challenge that would not die.  I had to start working out again just to help end the damned thing.

I know that in Pilates, there's a lot of talk of contracting the pelvic floor for the ladies, so you're basically doing a lot of Kegels while blasting the heck out of your core.  But do I think it actually improves sexual performance?  In terms of figuring out how your body works, maybe.  But if Pilates and Yoga were sexual experiences, I would equate Pilates with the slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am approach and yoga would be the Barry White lover, complete with candlelight, soft music, the occasional aromatherapy and gentle neck rub.  Call me crazy, but I think I'll take the one with the foreplay.

Unfortunately I'm out tonight.  But soon - I just need to get past Fringe!

Hang in there, lady.  You're doing great!

I haven't been to spin in forever.  I think you may have just inspired me to get back to class. =)

I feel the same way about Pilates.  I'm like, really?  Is this working?  And then I ache the next day.

Ditto what @michlny said. 

The cardamom addition sounds lovely.  I'll have to give this a whir in the ol' blender, myself.

That's fantastic!  I've promised myself a bike soon and have to admit I've been a little worried about the traffic thing myself.  I'm really looking forward to it, though.

I can't seem to do pushups without my elbows popping in a scary way (the noise would be bad enough, but it also kinda hurts the joints).  Any idea what's going on there?  Trainers up to this point haven't been very helpful.

It sounds absolutely amazing.  Thanks for sharing this experience.

The only thing this is missing is video. Love it.

I plan on being there. Afterwards, I'm hightailing it over to Summer Streets!

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