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A journalist friend worked for a while for a Pilates website that went bust. Why didn't it make it, I asked. "Pilates is not a lifestyle," she said. I understood what she meant. Yoga has several thousand years of Hindu religion and Indian culture behind it. The music, the food, the clothing. Even Capoeira has Brazilian music and history. Pilates doesn't have a national culture, it's got a German-American fitness visionary and a tribe of loyal dancers and midtown media women with excellent posture.

But sometimes that tribe can seem like a small nation, notably when you visit a place like re:AB. One floor up, on Bleecker Street near Bowery, re:AB is a nicely-lit, wood-floored warren of tranquil rooms filled with Pilates machinery. There's a bulletin board with press clippings, vintage photos of Joseph Pilates, and nicely rolled fluffy towels in quaint "locker" rooms. (These are furnished with an easy chair, reading material, and antique-y wooden boxes for lockers. Very nice.)

If Pilates speaks to your body, and you've outgrown the mat classes at your local gym — or if you're searching for a more holistic solution to physical therapy — re:AB may be your next step. (On the rehab tip: When you first check in, they hand you a clipboard with a several page form to fill out, much like your first trip to a doctor.) The studio was founded in 1997 by Brooke Siler, who learned her craft directly from Mr. Pilates heir Ramona Kryzanowska, and also wrote The Pilates Body, one of the most popular Pilates "How To" books. In short, re:AB is a for real hub for the Pilates faithful. The studio energy is more high end spa than raucous Bikram studio, or, say Yoga to the People, but they do offer a full schedule of daily classes. These retail for $24, but can be had for less if you buy a package....

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If Joseph Pilates had had a TV show, things would be different. 

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