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So this was my first visit to anything called spa, and my review is a bit different from the friend I brought along. In my opinion, this was by far the best way to spend $35 I could imagine. I don't see any reason not to stay for at least 8 hours. "Bade Pool" is my new favorite phrase.

I'm just going to review floor by floor:

Ground: Enter, pay for admission (35 week, 45 weekend), and get your cereal box prize watch with number. Women go to the right, men to the left, as this is the only floor where men and women are separate. I can only speak of the women's side, but I believe the men's is very similar.

You walk into the locker room, and immediately remove your shoes. The lady at the counter hands out uniforms, which come with a free toothbrush (?). At this point, about half the visitors are naked, just wandering around. And in case you're shy about this, they come in literally all shapes and sizes. You put your stuff away into a locker that matches your watch number, and put on your uniform. Or, if desired, go into the nude baths near the locker room. You can also leave on your towel for the dry and wet saunas. This is also the place to get a great shower. You can hang around the locker room for a very long time, even picking up a facial packet and lying on the extremely comfy looking sofas, or the 10 min massagy chair ($3). Next to the couches are 2 other saunas, the first Loess Soil (the hottest) and a Relax Room, which I want to build in my apt. But we went upstairs to, 1st floor...

You walk out into a food court/lounging area filled with tables and chairs. People all lounging about in their uniforms (every bit as unattractive as you might imagine), eating from the lunchroom style food court. All kinds of food, and I think there is even more on the weekends. High priced food on one side (minimum $6), stairs in the middle, and a "sleeping area" near the windows. Also, more massage chairs, the Spa part (facials, mani, pedi-all about normal to high prices), and where you can book a massage. This is on one of the long sides, and the other end is the 7 saunas. I can't even remember the names, but my favorite was the jade. They are all grouped like little fancy hobbit holes, with the Loess soil one in the corner. Also, they are surrounded by a small stream with lighting effects. You can go in and out of these saunas as long as you like, and each has a digital thermometer over the door, and a clock inside so you don't overdo it. And then you climb the stairs to: Mezzanine (1 1/2) floor: Left- giant recliner chairs with personal tv's and little tables, for sitting, eating, sleeping, whatever. Right- same chairs, but with a staff ready to give hand and foot massages. More stairs and: 2nd floor !!: My only advice for this floor is start as far left as possible, and work around, as the strongest water is in the far right one, and the others will pale by comparison if you start there.

But that last Bade Pool is ....just fantastic. Each seat/area has a different jet to massage a different part of you. Just try every single seat or spot, because they are all different. So, a Hinoki bath (jacuzzi made of 300 yr old wood), light bade pool, sauna, stronger bade pool, and then waterfalls. Inside, hand foot massage pools, and reclining in water chairs that have super strong jets to one side, aqua bar to the other. And then the last stairs to: 3rd floor: Least exciting - Korean restaurant & fitness center. Really impressive looking doors leading to an event space.

Sorry for the length, but this place is so different than anything I've ever seen, it seemed warranted....

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SandyL. Excellent work! Thank you. I'm so there. (FYI: I cleaned up some line break issues in your post, and made a few other editorial tweaks for front page consumption....)

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